Studies can be included in PRACTICAL if they:

  • include at least 150 cases of prostate cancer and 150 suitably matched controls
  • have DNA samples available for genotyping.

However, this criterion may be relaxed for studies in emerging nations, for which 50 cases with matched controls is the minimum requirement.

Cases may be selected for age, family history or tumour characteristics but must have invasive prostate cancer. Only one member per family should be included. The controls should be male, and matched for ethnicity and if possible geographical region. It is not essential to age-match the controls but if desired this should be ± 5 years from diagnosis of the case. The controls should not be from unaffected cases in the family.

For more details on the collection of phenotypic information via the consortium, please use the following link:
Phenotypic and Epidemiological data fields (PDF). It is not necessary to have details on all of the variables to join the consortium.

If you are interested in participating in PRACTICAL, please complete the consortium application form.